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Our BEST TRAVEL Recession Hack

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What is SheBanks?

SheBanks is a newly launched fintech company focused on improving financial security for all women. The She Banks financial planning app is not out yet, but reportedly it will allow women to consolidate all of their financial accounts in one place, providing up-to-date reports and analysis of monthly income, budget, and spending. It is set to launch fall of 2022.

The company was created for women, by women and based in Littleton, Colorado.

Check out Founder of SheBanks Twitter profile here and her LinkedIn profile is here. A recent panel hosted a discussion with Julie Rasmussen, founder and CEO at She Banks, Beatriz Acevedo, co-founder and CEO at SUMA Wealth, and Brittany Canty, vice president of product at Daylight, and they talked about how companies can drive financial inclusion for minorities and women.

The estimated global value of the untapped market for financial products and services for women is between $300 and $700 BILLION. And the women of the world are vastly underserved.

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