MAKE MONEY #5: Curate and Run a Private My Dog Camp

Good for: DOG LOVERS, Students, Retirees, ALL | MAKe MONEY IDEA DOG CAMP

Difficulty (time and effort): 5 (MEDIUM) to 8 (HARD)

Initial Investment: 5 (MEDIUM)

Location: LOCAL

Good for: DOG LOVERS, Students, Retirees, ALL

How to Curate and Run Your Own Private Dog Camp

Curate and run a private dog camp–offer private dog hikes/adventure outings! Get the dogs outside (which they love), enrich their days (ordinarily spent indoors) and give them the best “sniffari” opportunities you can, utilizing local hiking trails, open space, and more. Learn how to curate groups of dogs and do off-leash hiking on open space or even on private land. Dog training and practice skills help the dog owner; being part of a pack helps the dogs. Win-win.

My Dog Camp | Private dog camp
Let Dogs be Dogs!

Check out

Already working with pets? Even better! Check out My Dog Camp ( All classes are online and all Zoom calls are recorded so you can listen to them later at your convenience, even months later.

  • Select the right dogs for camp (so important!)
  • Find your perfect clients
  • Market and price your services
  • Best gear for the job
  • Legal and insurance policies, contract info, insurance tips
My Dog Camp | Private dog camp
Little Trouble Makers, cute as heck

How to Build Trust with Dog Owners in your Area

This side hustle can take TIME and effort to build, and you will need to be patient as the business grows. Word of mouth is a great way to get out there, but that isn’t always fast. Dog owners (And all pet owners, really) need to feel very comfortable dropping off their dog children and you need to build trust. Think about how the dog owners might feel and you will be able to empathize better.

They might feel uncomfortable dropping off their dog the first time, especially, if they are first time owners or there dog as special needs or is hesitant around other dogs. Be sure to stress how much you know and can demonstrate about dog pack psychology.

TIP: Make sure you have a friendly, reassuring manner when dealing with dog owners. They might feel uncomfortable dropping off their dog the first time, especially.

Let dogs be dogs and still stay with the pack

Learn specific training methods that lets “dogs be dogs” while staying together as a cohesive pack. And owners will thank you for a relaxed, happy pup at the end of the day. Be sure to up on the latest dog pack knowledge and research and let your owners know how much you know.

My Dog Camp | Private dog camp

Offer Training or Dog Grooming Side Hustles

Dogs need all kinds of ongoing training and discipline tricks. Owners will thank you for helping them out while they are at work, school or otherwise not with their dog. Dog walking and dog sitting are also highly-needed services.

TIP: Offer dog training, dog walking or dog grooming as an add-on service.

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Photo by Alvan Nee