MAKE MONEY #4: Your Private Dog Park–Rent Your Yard for Dogs

Good for: DOG LOVERS, Retirees, Active People, ALL

rent your yard for dogs | dog park business

Difficulty: 2 (LOW)

Initial Investment: 5 (MEDIUM)


Good for: DOG LOVERS, Retirees, Active People, ALL

rent your yard for dogs | dog park business
Rent Your Yard for Dogs and Be a Dog HERO!

Host a Private Dog Park: Rent Your Yard for Dogs

You can do a rent yard as dog park business— for one or more dogs in your local area (or for visiting guests in the area) with SniffSpot. Your unused, fenced backyard or even your open field could be the site of your next profitable side hustle. Fully fenced yards, agility courses, fields, and arenas are ALL possible locations (or spots).

TIP: Since there is no need to be in attendance, this is truly a passive income alternative.

How to Rent Your Yard for Dogs and Get Started on Sniffspot Now

rent your backyard, rent your yard
  1. Create your spot
  2. Receive your doggie visitors
  3. Get paid monthly

Maintenance Required!

Of course, there will be dog poop accidents, cleanup, and general yard maintenance. How do you make sure you aren’t doing too much? REQUIRE owners to clean up after their dogs and remain firm about this. You’re not running a luxury dog HOTEL or everyday doggie day camp–you are offering your land, yard, or acreage to dog owners so they can exercise and socialize their pets. Be sure to put up signage that clearly states all rules and limitations for dogs and their owners. You can do this firmly but nicely (in the same way and tone that you would discipline your dog.)

TIP: Well-worded signage that shows all rules, limits and requirements for all owners is good for everyone. REQUIRE owners to clean up after their dogs.

rent your yard for dogs | dog park business

More TIPS and TRICKS (and TREATS!)

Sniffspot requires current vaccinations and flea/parasite preventative for all dogs. You should require that, too, if you are doing this on your own. You will need to keep good records on all the dogs that use your facilities, so good recordkeeping is a must.

TIP: You need to keep excellent records on all the dogs that use your facilities, so good record keeping practices are required of you.

Also, keep track of any unruly dogs (or owners) and be sure to let them know that this a FRIENDLY dog park and you don’t want to have to exclude anyone.

Is Insurance or Anything Else Included?

Yes, for Sniffspot, they provide $2M of liability insurance and $5,000 of damage protection, included. This is a great advantage over trying to get an individual insurance add-on for your home insurance, if you are even able to do that.

How Much Money Can You Make if You Rent Your Yard for Dogs?

Reportedly, several hosts for Sniffspot are making over $1,500/month. IF you also have a picture-perfect dog yourself, consider making your dog a model dog. For dog modeling agencies and other tips, go here.

What About Thinking of Add-ons?

Speaking of add-ons, why not also consider starting a grooming or dog training course? You have a captive audience, so to speak. Also, offering up your yard for dogs is a generous offer and sets up as the good guy in this equation from day one. Why not capitalize and monetize from there?

Recommend, Commend and Commission

You could also recommend dog owners to other dog grooming services in your local area, or great dog training courses in the area or beyond, and ask for a small commission for everyone you send over (called leads). Every dog owner needs services, like great vets, grooming, food recommendations, dog toys and treats, and more. Be a go-to resource for all the dog owners who pass through your area.

TIP: Be a GREAT resource for your dog owners and they (and their doggie friends) will thank you for it.


Photo by Thirteen .J on Unsplash