MAKE MONEY #26: Rent Your Cool Swimply Pool

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Rent Out Your Cool Pool for Cash

Difficulty: 9 (MEDIUM)

Initial Investment: 9 (HIGH)


Good for: Retirees, Families, Parents, Active People

What is Swimply?

This Swimply Oregon Side Hustler is making $177,000 on renting out his luxury-style swimming pool near West Linn, Oregon, using Swimply app.

Can You Rent Out Above-Ground Pools, too?

The answer is yes. Here’s an example of a really large above-ground pool.

How Hard a Gig is it?

We rated this gig at a MEDIUM, because of course, that is after you already have built your swimming pool oasis. There are high costs involved for maintenance and pool chemistry, as well. For the Side Hustler mentioned above, he spends over 12 to 14 hours per week on their side hustle from cleaning and testing the water’s chemicals to managing and scheduling bookings.

swimply app, swimply oregon

So if you don’t have the time or cash flow to keep a great cool pool up and running, this gig isn’t for you. But if you want to make some extra bucks (and maybe a lot) from your swimming pool investment, consider using Swimply to rent it out.