MAKE MONEY #24: Put Your Android to Good Use with QMEE App

Good for: Students, Retirees, Parents, Writers, Artists, ALL

Difficulty: 2 (EASY)

Initial Investment: 2 (LOW)


Good for: Students, Retirees, Parents, Writers, Artists, ALL

qmee app

What is QMEE App and is QMee Legit?

The QMEE App is a Cash Rewards application for Android users where you can do 10- to 20-minute surveys for anywhere from .37 to $1.58 a piece. Qmee is a free app, available on desktop and mobile, designed to work for brands AND users. It uses deep machine learning to attempt to get a better user experience while delivering industry-leading success rates for all kinds of brands.

qmee app | qmee hacks | qmee trustpilot

IS Qmee App Legit?

Yes, the Surveys, Cash Backs, and Deals Qmee Hacks are real and legit, according to the Qmee TrustPilot review of 4.4 stars here. Here is one verified review:

Easy surveys and good payouts

This is one of the best survey apps I use because you can cashout instantly to your paypal at only $10, and it is very easy to get to $10. There are always surveys available, most of which are short and have high pay outs. The questions are easy and straight forward. Your profile is quick and easy to set up and you can do the surveys on your phone or the computer.


What Kinds of Deals Can You Do on Qmee App?

  • Surveys
  • Cash Back
  • Straight up Deals

You can find deals and money saving coupons on big name brands (JC Penney, Footlocker) or just let them show you ones you might like.

Some Example Surveys

One current (Aug 2022) Fashion survey could net you over $8/hour –(1.14 for 8 minutes). One Qmee Survey on Food could net you over $11/hour– $.92 for 5 minutes. There are basically five surveys similar to this available, most of the time.

Some Example Good Deals on QMee App

Qmee App | Qmee Hacks | Qmee Trustpilot
KING KANINE 30% off Sitewide until Aug 30

For example, Brand New Hot Deal on King Kanine you can get 30% off sitewide when you shop pet products —

TIP: KING KANINE 30% OFF TIME SENSITIVE! This deal is available until the 30th August. This must be used before the date of expiry. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other deal.

What Makes QMee App Different (and Better, in our Humble Opinion)?

The most important and best thing is that they have a NO minimum cash out. How many times have you wished you could get some cash but either couldn’t because it wasn’t “enough” even though you had rightfully EARNED it, or they had a time constraint, like every month or or longer?

Plus, sign up is easy and built for phone users, so it is mobile-friendly and fast.

They offer REAL cash NOT just MORE Stuff

  • Real cash rewards – not swag or points–better for the planet
  • Paypal Cashout–Cash out to PayPal at any time – no minimum cash out…
  • Spend your rewards on a gift card (or even donate to a favorite charity)

You Earn When you Shop–a Real Plus, Since You are Already on Your Phone–easy

  • Search and shop online with the Qmee browser app
  • Get relevant search results with cash rewards attached
  • Earn with specially chosen offers and get money saving deals

How Much Money Can You Make with QMee App?

One stay-at-home mom we know has earned over $600 on this platform since May (in approximately 3 months). This is not necessarily the norm, but it is a possible benchmark for if this side hustle is worth your time and effort. We do not know any QMee Hacks at this point, but as it is legit according to QMee Trustpilot, we feel pretty good about it as a side hustle.