MAKE MONEY #16: Deliver Packages Traveling or Vacationing

Deliver Packages and Make Money while you travel in the U.S.

Difficulty: 2 (EASY)

Initial Investment: 0 (LOW)

Location: On VACATION, worldwide

Would you like to earn some bucks while you traveling or vacationing? Offset the cost of that (high priced) plane ticket or you just earn a little extra cash for dinner out–on your way to work? Try the social shipping app

StowAway Traveler connects:

Customers who want to send a package —> to Nearby people who are traveling in that direction | Deliver Package, Deliver Packages
Deliver Packages and Offset the Cost of Travel

To apply

1. LOGIN to the Traveler app or download the StowAway Traveler app on your phone (iOS and Android).

2. SAFETY Two-way safety is a priority. Everyone sending and delivering packages must complete a simple background check.

3. INFO You’ll be able to learn important details about each crowdshipping job (like package weight and how much you’ll get paid).

4. ACCEPT Find a gig that’s right for you? They’ll connect you with the sender and make arrangements.

5. PICK UP Sender will give you a one-time password as proof you received the item.

6. DELIVER item to its destination. Drop off the item, then the receiver gives you a second code to prove they received it.

7. GET PAID via PayPal.