MAKE MONEY #30: Create an Online Birth Stories Course for New Parents

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MAKE MONEY IDEA57 Online course for new parents parenting | birth stories course
Create a course for new parents–super helpful!

Create an online birth stories course for new (and experienced) parents

Difficulty: 5 (MEDIUM)

Initial Investment: 2 (LOW)


Good for: Parents, Moms, Retirees, Writers, Artists, Photographers, ALL Creatives

MAKE MONEY IDEA57 Online course for new parents parenting | birth stories course

Help Write the Birth Story

Parents are always looking for help and recognition for their personal parenting and stories. Creating an easy-to-do, time-friendly online course that helps them memorialize their journey as parents, uncover their genealogy or family history, organize their photo albums, or record their amazing birth stories is sure to be appreciated. Once the course is written, it can become a route to Passive Income.

Writing Your Birth Story: Start Here

Writing Your Birth Story is a simple online course that helps parents write their birth stories. This birth stories course is easy to navigate, trauma-informed and inclusive of all birthing situations. Created by a longtime doula and writer, the course costs only $33.

The Writing Your Birth Story Course Includes:

✔️ 9 writing exercises designed to get you in touch with the truth of your birth

✔️ 70+ questions/prompts

✔️ 40+ examples of birth stories to read as inspiration

✔️ Options and suggestions to make sure your writing feels like you—not a template

✔️ Grounding and centering practices to get you in the mindset for writing 

✔️ Information on and resources for birth trauma

✔️ Ideas on how to share and memorialize your birth story forever

MAKE MONEY IDEA57 Online course for new parents parenting | birth stories course

Creating Journals for Parents (and Make Money)

To get some ideas on what to make for new parents (and to see what sells), we suggest to go first to Etsy and look around. Looking under the keywords “parent journal” brought up these items (4,821 results). There are ones for single moms, dads, pregnancy planners, grandparents, siblings, and more.

Having Trouble Getting Started Writing? Writer’s Block or Procrastination?

Try Artificial Intelligence! We’re not kidding. Jasper.AI is one of the better AI content writing platforms and apps. They have a free 7-day trial that gives you something like 10,000 words to try out. All you do for help with an introductory or final paragraph, is to enter the title you want to use (or something like it, if you are not decided yet), and your style (casual, formal, etc.). They ask a few questions about demographics of your audience.

For example, The Family Peace Planner on Etsy is 55+ pages long and printable. For creating harmony through values, structure, and tools to regulate emotions, resolve conflict, and connecting.

Refining your Writing Approach with AI

You can also have the wording of an existing article refined and optimized for SEO. For beginners or hesitant writers, this can be a godsend (almost as cute as your little one).

Here is an example of AI-generated copy from Jasper.AI for the topic of “MAKE MONEY: Create an Online Course for New Parents”:

Tired of all the “experts” giving you questionable advice on how to be a good parent? Looking for a way to make some extra money on top of your already hectic new parenthood schedule? Why not create an online course teaching other new parents everything you’ve learned about being successful with your little one? With our step-by-step guide, it’s easy to get started!

Not bad, huh?

Here is another blurb from AI:

Are you a new parent wondering how to make money? Becoming an online course instructor could be the perfect solution for you! This way, you can share your parenting wisdom and tips with other parents while earning a little extra cash. Here’s what you need to know to get started.


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