MAKE MONEY #15: Be a Bird Charger or a Lime Juicer

Good for: Students, Retirees, Parents, ALL

bird charger

Difficulty: 5 (MEDIUM)

Initial Investment: 5 (MEDIUM) NOTE: you must have a car for transporting the scooters.

Location: LOCAL

Good for: Students, Retirees, Parents, ALL

Electric scooters aren’t going to charge themselves, so who does all that charging? Companies like and Lime are always looking for independent contractor/personal chargers to be Bird Chargers or Lime Juicers.

Note that being a Charger is not the only job they offer: you can also apply to be a Mechanic, Bird Flyer, or Fleet Manager.

What is Bird?

bird charger

No, it’s not a plane. Or Superman. A Bird is considered a “Micro EV vehicle.” Which makes it a very sustainable form of urban transport and super-eco friendly ride. Here’s how it works: A rider uses a map in the app to find the closest scooter. (You can also reserve a Bird up to 30 minutes in advance.) The scooters (and also bikes) reduce carbon emissions and traffic, help the environment, and keep the air cleaner. currently provides electric bikes and scooters that are eco-friendly transportation for riders in over 450 cities around the world.

Charging and Juicing: How to Apply

You can apply via their websites or their mobile apps. It is relatively easy to apply. Because it is not a hard gig, charging scooters we ranked it as Easy. Essentially, here is what you will be doing: 1) Physically locating the Scooter, 2) Picking the Scooter up, 3) Charging the Scooter, and finally, 4) Releasing the Scooter at the correct hubs (Bird or Lime). Sound easy? It pretty much is, if you have the right wheels and the time.

Remember, you will need a large car, SUV, or truck to efficiently transport the Scooters. Have an SUV or truck you aren’t using all the time? You can make money renting your car out. Have managerial skills and want to run your own scooter business? Apply to be a Fleet Manager.

Fly Away, Little Bird Flyer

Have more time on your hands during the day? Apply to be a Bird Flyer and deliver packages during the day and charge scooters at night. If you enjoy the world of scooters and value and appreciate their sustainability, you can make more money and ride more scooters and become a Bird Flyer. 

What are the Requirements for the Bird Charger Job?

It’s actually not a “job” per se, since it does not offer benefits. You would be an Independent Contractor. According to their site ( these are the requirements to become a Bird Charger:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a vehicle for transporting the electric scooters
  • Have the time/resources to charge 3 Bird Scooters minimum
  • Live near an area/city/town where Bird operates

What Does a Bird Charger or Lime Juicer Do?

Basically, you just need to keep the scooters charged in a timely manner.

bird charger

What are the Requirements to be a Lime Juicer?

Similar to the application process for Bird, you can apply through the Lime website or the app. You fill in some details and then you can start. Lime will call you asking questions like if you have a car and how many Lime scooters can you charge at a time.

The orientation process can be in-person or through the phone depending on where you live. After orientation, you are given your Lime chargers.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

A large vehicle to carry the Scooters efficiently–for picking up, charging, and depositing at the designated hubs.